Nov 29

Widgets Presentation For Stage 4

Here are some guidelines for your presentation this week. Please be sure to re-read the section about the presentation in the textbook in case I miss anything.

  • Presentations will be done by the whole team at the front of the class. Every member should speak. Members should not read their presentation. You will be graded on your delivery.
  • A ppt or something similar is required. You will be graded on your visuals.
  • Each group must prepare a handout summarizing their presentation. It should be 1 page and you need copies for the class. If you’re in Tuesday’s class that means you need 38 copies minus the number of members in your group. For Wednesday’s class you need 8 copies.
  • Presentations should be roughly 5-7 minutes long
  • The goal of the presentation is to explain the results of your research and to analyze them. What did you learn about the product from the survey results?
  • Begin the presentations with a brief explanation of the product, it’s features, cost, etc.
  • Explain where you conducted the survey and the results of the personal questions
  • Explain the other questions you asked and the results of those
  • Make recommendations for your product. How can you change it? Improve it? What do the results of the survey tell you about how and where you should sell it. etc You will be graded on this content.
  • Watch Rebecca’s presentation for a good example. You can find it on your dvd orĀ HERE