Dec 08

Infomercial Information


1)    Infomercial introduction (team name, members names, product name, show name, etc.)

2)    Show some problem & the consequence of not having your product (be creative, funny, exaggerate, go to extremes,)

3)    Show how the product solves the problem & the outcome (be creative, funny, exaggerate, go to extremes,)

4)    Sell the product (features, price, how to buy, sales promotion, etc.)

Infomercial should be 5-7 minutes long


Submission options

1)    Send a link / video file / video on a usb key of your infomercial (due Thursday December 17th at Noon)

2)    Present your infomercial live in class next week (members will act out the infomercial)

Either of these choices is fine. If some groups want to do a video submission and others want to do the presentation live in person that is totally fine.