Sep 08

Widgets Portfolio Guide


Here is some more information about the Portfolio. I will continue to update this as I think of more things you could add.

As part of your final exam you will have a job interview. One of the requirements of this is that you bring a portfolio of all the work you did throughout the course with you. Therefore, any time you hand anything in to me, please make a copy and keep it in a portfolio. Your portfolio should include your three product ideas, your product proposal form, pictures of your poster presentation, your questionnaire, some elements from the market research presentation and the infomercial presentation, and any other evidence of work you have done throughout the course. At the final exam you will essentially be interviewing for your grade.


Here are some things to put in your portfolio. If you think of anything else that demonstrates the work you did in the course, please include it! Your creativity will be rewarded.

Stage 1:

  • Title Page
  • Employee Evaluation Form

Stage 2:

  • Title Page
  • List of problems / solution
  • Best 3 ideas form
  • Product Proposal Form
  • Employee Evaluation Form

Stage 3

  • Title Page
  • Pros and Cons report for each product
  • Product rank table
  • Pictures of your poster from the presentation
  • Peer evaluation form
  • Employee Evaluation form

Stage 4

  • Title Page
  • Product Proposal summary
  • Market research survey
  • Summary of market research
  • Market research presentation handout
  • Pictures from the market research report/presentation
  • Peer evaluation form
  • Employee evaluation form

Stage 5

  • Title page
  • Problem situations outline
  • Rough drawings of the situations you will demonstrate
  • Script/Notes/ anything that shows your preparation for the infomercial
  • Photos from the infomercial presentation (practice and actual presentation)
  • Peer evaluation form
  • Employee evaluation form

Other things

  • Pictures of your team
  • Project manager introduction
  • Project manager report
  • Anything else that demonstrates your work in the course.