Aug 17

English Speech Syllabus

English Speech

(Fall 2017)


I.   Professor Information                                        

                                                                                                Office Hours

Professor: Kevin Campigotto

Office: Da-san-goan 512

Office phone:  033-730-0237                                                 Other times by request

E-mail: sangji@campigotto.com

Website: sangji.campigotto.com




Course Description

This course is designed to teach students how to do various presentations & speeches in English. While the focus will be on presentations and creating presentation materials there will also be classes on interview preparation, resume creation, and proper e-mailing.


Course Objectives

As a consequence of taking this course, the student should accomplish the following objective:

  • Increase your confidence and improve your ability to present in English.
  • Use your English language ability to express yourself in diverse ways.
  • Improve your ability to organize research and deliver a presentation using effective visuals as well as spoken components.

Course Requirements

                        Textbook: Speaking of Speech by David Harrington and Charles LeBeau

  • 1 large notebook to take notes and for in-class exercises
  • Pen/Pencil / Dictionary / Notebook / A4 Report pad




Grading System

Attendance                             10%
Participation                            15%
Presentation 1                         15%
Presentation 2                         15%
Presentation 3                         20%
Final exam                              25%

  * Turn in 5 English Café slips for 1 percent added onto your grade.



Class Policies:

  1. Class attendance is mandatory.  You are allowed 3 unexcused absencesFour unexcused absences will earn you a failing gradeEvery unexcused absence will result in -1% from attendance. Every late will result in -0.5%. Please be on time and come to every class.
  2. Cell phones must be turned off or set on silent mode.  NO TEXTING IN CLASS!
  3. This is a speaking class, but it is very important only one person speaks at a time. Please do not speak when I am explaining something or when your classmates are speaking.
  4. Cheating during the examination will not be tolerated.  The student concerned shall be dealt with accordingly.
  5. This is an English Conversation class. Please try to ONLY speak English, especially when doing group work. If you speak to each other in Korean, you won’t be practicing your English properly.


ParticipationBy far the most subjective decider of your grade will be participation. Being in class does not equate to good participation. Participation means speaking only English, not needing me to prompt you to speak with your partners/groups, not speaking Korean or stopping speaking when you believe you are finished an activity. Your goal should be to speak English non-stop for two hours a week. Any time you stop speaking (except when I’m speaking) your grade is going down.


Final Thought:

I will make minor changes to the course if I feel that they will give you more opportunity to enhance your English abilities. The more you bring to this course, the more you will get out of it. I would much rather you try your best and make mistakes than be shy and stay silent. No one is perfect so I expect you to be respectful and supportive of your classmates at all times. Please, if you have any questions or concerns see me after class or during my office hours. It is best to contact me via e-mail.