Mar 30

Practical English Speaking Exams

Here is the basic information for the Practical English speaking exams:


  • Students will do the exams in groups of 3s. For the first series of speaking tests the students will make their own groups.
  • If there is an odd number of students, we will go to groups of 2.
  • The length of the speaking test is 3 minutes per person, so for most groups it will be 9 minutes. Members should try to speak roughly the same amount.
  • Students will be given one of the questions they discussed in class and will have a conversation. They can change the subject if they wish, but all three should be participating in the conversation.
  • Each student will record the speaking test on their phones and one member needs to e-mail the file to sangji@campigotto.com after the exam
  • After the test students will type out ONLY THEIR PART of the speaking test. They do not have to type out what other people say, only what they say. They should e-mail the transcript to sangji@campigotto.com .
  • Students should fix four of the speaking mistakes they made during the test. These can be grammar mistakes, word mistakes, sentence fragments, or any other errors they made.
  • Sending the transcript and fixing 4 mistakes is worth 25% of the speaking test grade.
  • Grammar accuracy is worth 25% of the grade.
  • The amount you speak, using follow-up questions, and the quality of the conversation is worth the other 50% of the grade.
  • The grade is not a shared grade, each member can get a different grade.
  • The first round of exams will take place April 6th during the class time in the class room. Students only need to come to class at their appointed time. Don’t be late!