Aug 23

Widgets Syllabus

Business Skills

(Fall  2019)


I.   Professor Information                                             

                                                                                                          Office Hours

Professor: Kevin Campigotto

Office: Da-san-goan 512

Office phone:  033-730-0237

E-mail: sangji@campigotto.com                                         Other times by request

Website: sangji.campigotto.com



 Course Description

The course’s focus is on creating a believable, “real-life” English-speaking environment in the classroom. Students imagine that they are new employees at an exciting international company, Widgets Incorporated, where they must work together in small groups to perform various practical, yet fun, tasks. In this way, every classroom activity is realistically connected. All conversations, discussions, presentations, videos, interviews, role-plays have an authentic purpose.


Course Objectives

As a consequence of taking this course, the student should accomplish the following objective:

  • Simulate a realistic English-speaking context for EFL students.
  • Have students work as teams and complete tasks using ONLY English


Course Requirements 

  • Widgets 2 By Marcos Benevides and Chris Valvona (Provided by instructor)
  • 1 large notebook to take notes and for in-class exercises
  • Pen/Pencil / Dictionary / Notebook / A4 Report pad


  1. Grading System

Stage 2-6                                                  15% for each stage         (group mark)
Project Manager                                       10%                                (individual mark)
Final Interview + Portfolio                        15%

* Turn in 5 English Café slips for 1 percent added onto your grade.


VI. Course Outline: This is a rough guide to what we will be looking at each week. Due to holidays and other factors, not every section of the class will follow this schedule exactly.

Week Stage Goal Due Book
1 1 Overview, Ice-Breakers
2 1 Teams / Departments 2-11
3 2 Chuseok EE
4 2 About R&D 12-17
5 2 Brainstorming 3 produce Ideas 18-25
6 GaeChunJeol PPF + EE
7 3 SWOT Analysis 26-31
8 3 Evaluating Ideas, Choose the best, design it, prepare poster 32-37
9 3 Poster Presentations
10 4 About Market Research EE 40-47
11 4 Analyze data, prepare presentation,
Visual Section of “Speaking of Speech”
12 4 Market Research Presentations
13 5 Marketing Ideas EE 56-62
14 5 Plan & Rehearse 62-69
15 5 Infomercial Presentations
15 6 Write a Resume 75-79
16 6 Final Interviews

VII. Class Policies:

  1. Class attendance is mandatory.  You are allowed 3 unexcused absencesFour unexcused absences will earn you a failing grade
  2. Cell phones must be turned off or set on silent mode.  NO TEXTING IN CLASS!
  3. This is a task based class and for most of it you will be working in groups. You MUST speak English if you want to get a good grade.


Project ManagerEach task will have one Project Manager who is essentially the boss of their team for that task. They are responsible for their team members, for completing the task, and for leading their team. 20% of the student’s grade will be determined by how well they lead their team. For example, if a group is speaking Korean, it is the Project Manager’s grade that will suffer, as well as the team’s overall grade.