Oct 11

IW Midterm Exam Notes

Midterm exam:
– Multiple choice questions (theses, parts of essay, hooks, and transitions)

– Making writing more descriptive (p. 48) Using adjectives, prepositions, etc.
– Writing explicit thesis from an implicit thesis

à Explicit theses name the topics of the body paragraphs
à Implicit theses don’t

I like ice cream. (implicit)
I like ice cream because it is delicious, cold, and has many flavors (explicit)

Seoul is the best city in Korea.
Seoul is the best city in Korea because of the weather, housing, and food.

* Your thesis is 1 sentence.

– Corrections (from your corrections homework)
– Collocations & associations (p.32-34, 59-60, 85-87, 109-110)









*** Don’t forget to bring your free-writing journal to class next week
*** Don’t forget to print out and bring your outline to class in 2 weeks

If you are missing any homework, the deadline is the day of the midterm exam.

Don’t copy and paste anything from anywhere ever.