Oct 02

Fall 2019 BC Review

Starting and ending conversations Different phrases/ways to start and end conversations Giving excuses, complimenting the person, offering future conversations Nice to see you vs. nice to meet you (1st time only)

Follow-up questions

  • Questions we ask to keep our partner talking, to get more information, etc.

I will give you part of a conversation, you will need to write follow-up questions

A: How many people in your family           B) There are five of us

  1. A) Do you have brothers or sisters? What do your parents do? What does your family do together?

Question words

I will give you the answers. You need to write the questions.

  1. ________________________________? My hometown is Seoul. 2. ________________________________? I wake up at 6am 3. ________________________________? We eat out three times a week.

What kind of movies do you like? Romance, action, horror, etc. (genre) What movie do you like? (movie name)

What is your father like? (personality) What does your father like? (thing/interest/hobby) What does your father look like? (physical description)

Describing people          (unit 9) On the test I will give/show you a picture of a person, you need to describe them. à page 58, 59

He is _______________________   He has ______________________
Past vs. present perfect   (unit 10)

Simple past à You know when something happened / the situation Present perfect à You don’t know when something happened              à To ask if someone has ever done something Have you ever seen an elephant? Have you seen a movie?

I ______________ a movie last night. I ________________ sushi before.

For / since, (p.67) Already / yet  (Unit 10) For à amount of time / measurement of time / quantity / (hours/minutes/days/years/seconds/etc. ) Since à a point in time / a starting time/

Already à Something you have done Yet à Something you haven’t done, but plan to do

Combining sentences      (Unit 11) (page 73) You need to make the sentences into one sentence

If I give you three, four, five sentences, it doesn’t matter, make it one. You can use ‘and’ as well as ‘but’ in a sentence, but you can’t use either one more than once.

My hometown is small. It is pretty. It is a little boring.




Can vs. should              (unit 11) Shouldn’t miss = should go/see/do/eat

On the test I will give you a situation, you need to give me suggestions.


I am visiting Seoul this weekend, what should I do.

  1. You should go to Lotte World. 2, You shouldn’t miss going to Hongdae 3. You can’t swim in the Han River. 4. _______________________________________ 5. ________________________________________