May 08

Photo Essay Guide

Photo Essay


Your final exam for the class will be to prepare a photo essay on any topic of your choice. The topic must have a clear thesis. It cannot just be an info-dump. A photo essay is a set of related pictures that tell a story and go along with the text or captions explaining what the photos are showing. Try to choose photos that express strong emotion. For this exercise you can use your own photos (recommended) or choose photos from the internet. This assignment is worth 20% of your final grade.


  • Your essay must have a clear thesis
  • Your photo essay must have a title page with the title of the essay, your name, and one photo
  • Each page should contain a maximum of 2 pictures and the text that goes with them
  • Pictures may be in black and white if it serves a purpose, but should generally be in color
  • The photo essay must include 8-15 photos and 4-8 sentences for each photo.
  • Each photo should be accompanied by a mini-paragraph

Important Dates

May 19–>  You must hand in an outline which includes your name, topic, and the thesis. (Eg. Jang Yun Seok, Global Warming, Global warming has an enormous effect on people, animals and the environment)

This outline is worth 2.5% of the assignment’s grade. If its complete and handed in you get perfect.

June 2nd–> A rough version of the written essay must be handed in. I will check it, correct the grammar, give you feedback on things you can improve. Do not send me the pictures at this time.

The script is worth 2.5% of the assignment’s grade. If its complete and handed in, you get perfect

Sunday June 16–> Photo essays are due via e-mail








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