Aug 26

Common Errors

Common Errors

These are some of the most common errors

Singular/plural –>  this people. Those girl.

Combining sentences –> Use ‘and’, ‘but’ ‘so’

Tense error –> past/present/future  be consistant (use the same tense)

Capitalization –> 1st letter of a sentence, names, ‘I’

Verb form –> I like play

Subject/Verb error –> He plays. I play. You play. We play.   My mother likes tennis.

Don’t start sentences with ‘and’–> Either combine it with the previous sentence or use ‘Also’ ‘In Addition’ , ‘Furthermore’ etc.

Common Mistakes

  1. Spelling
  2. Capitalization –>Names, the first word of a sentence, I à Don’t capitalize after a comma
  3. Tense –> When I lived in Scotland I met many friends and traveled to Germany.
  4. 4. Combine (make those sentences 1 sentence) try to use ‘and, but, because, so, which’

Never start a sentence with and, usually don’t start sentences with because.

  1. Subject/verb –>I / You / We / They He/She/It

I like you like we like they like he likes she likes it likes.

  1. Verb form –> I have played piano since I was seven.

To write –>to write / wrote / write / have written / will write / writes / writing /

  1. Only one?

My hobby is reading books (verb form, only one?)

  1. Word form

I like playing piano because it’s very exciting. (word form) I entered this university last year (word form)

Entrance N

  1. Singular/Plural

I have three dog. (singular/plural)