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Oct 24

Podcast Assignment

English Podcast

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Oct 24

Podcast Rubric

You can find the grading rubric for the Podcast assignment Here:   Rubric

Sep 03

Questions Words

Who?  What? Where? When? Why? How?  Asking for information:   ·         To ask for information, begin with a question word.  The rest of the sentence has the same structure as a yes/no question:  Who is your friend?  Whom does he love? ·         When asking for additional information about a noun, place the noun after the …

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Aug 29

BC Major Rough Plan

  Wk. Unit  / Topic Homework (grammar in back of text) Convo Strat Culture 1 Class introductions, find someone who, speed dating  Unit 1 2 1 – Where are you from? Unit 2 Hello & goodbye Name culture 3 2 – What do you do? Unit 3 Follow-up questions Student jobs, work life in Canada …

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Aug 29

BC (Majors) Syllabus

Basic English Conversation  (majors)  (Fall Semester 2018)   I.   Professor Information                                                                                                                                                        Office Hours Professor: Kevin Campigotto Office: Da-san-goan 512 Office phone:  033-730-0237 E-mail:                                                      Other times by request Website:           Course Description This course is designed to improve your speaking skills and familiarity with conversational English you may …

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Aug 26

Common Errors

Common Errors These are some of the most common errors

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Jun 01

My Schedule, Spring 2019

Prof. Campigotto’s schedule for Spring 2019 Time Monday Thurs Fri 1 9:20-10:10     BC Majors 4111 2 10:20-11:10 3 11:20-12:10   IW (Majors) 4111   4 12:20-13:10   Cafe 5 13:20-14:10 Café   Cafe PBC 2103 PBC 2104 6 14:20-15:10 7 15:20-16:10 BC 2104     8 16:20-17:10   9 17:20-18:10       …

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Aug 27

How to Write an E-mail Activity

Here  is a good activity that shows how to write a proper e-mail

Aug 27

Corrections Example


When you send me back your corrections, this is what it should look like:    

Aug 15


Welcome to the companion site for Professor Campigotto’s classes. Syllabuses and other documents will be uploaded shortly.

Mar 07

MLA Sample Page

MLA first page

Here is an example of how ALL homework submitted for this class should be formatted.