Feb 15

What is an ‘A’ Student

Criteria of Students Grades


An     ‘A’ student

– Never misses a class and is never late, always has their textbook

– Speaks only English in class

– Always does their homework and does well on tests

– Never uses their smart phone, checks their smart phone, texts, etc.

– Does not need to be told to keep speaking after they complete an assignment, continues speaking English with their partner/group after they are ‘done’ what I assigned them to do

– Starts doing the assignment as soon as I tell them to begin, does not wait for me to tell the individually

– Is mid-conversation when I come by to check on them and does not stop because I am listening

– Asks questions when they don’t understand

A    ‘B’ Student

Misses some classes and is sometimes late

– Speaks mostly English but also speaks Korean during class

– Usually does their homework and is inconsistent on tests

– Goes through the assigned activity but doesn’t usually continue speaking with their group/partner after they are ‘done’

– Usually needs prompting to start speaking, but once they begin they do the activity well

– Asks a friend when they don’t understand something


A    ‘C’ Student

– Misses more than 3 classes, is often late

– Sleeps in class, does not have a textbook

– Does not regularly do their homework or does it just before class begins and struggles on tests

– Speaks Korean often in class, especially when they are supposed to be speaking English but I am not nearby

– Goes through the assigned speaking activity as quickly as possible and then sits in silence

– Is rarely speaking when I come by, or begins speaking as soon as I come nearby

– Needs to be told individually what to do

– Does not ask questions when they don’t understand