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Nov 25

Final Exam Schedule

HERE is the schedule for all Speaking Test Final Exams

Aug 29

Widgets Textbook

You can find the textbook for the course here

Dec 03

OM Product Proposal Forms, 2018

Here are the product proposal forms from the fall 2018 Widgets class   OM PPFs For some reason the photocopier decided to separate Youn Ji’s so hers is below. PPFs 2    

Sep 30

Product Proposal Form & Stage 2 Employee Evaluation Form

Print the Product Proposal Form HERE (PDF) or HERE (doc) Print the Stage 2 Self Evaluation form HERE

Sep 02

Stage 1 Employee Evaluation Form

Here is the employee evaluation form for Stage 1. Fill this out and e-mail it to me at   Employee Evaluation Form – Stage 1 (PDF) Employee Evaluation Form – Stage 1 (WORD)

Aug 23

Widgets Syllabus

Business Skills (Fall  2019)   I.   Professor Information                                                                                                                                                        Office Hours Professor: Kevin Campigotto Office: Da-san-goan 512 Office phone:  033-730-0237 E-mail:                                         Other times by request Website:      Course Description The course’s focus is on creating a believable, “real-life” English-speaking environment in the classroom. Students imagine that they are new employees at an …

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Jun 01

My Schedule, Fall 2019

  Prof. Campigotto’s schedule for Fall 2019   Time Monday Wednesday Thurs Fri 1 9:20-10:10   AW   BC Majors (4111) 2 10:20-11:10 AW (4111) 3 11:20-12:10         4 12:20-13:10 Cafe Cafe   5 13:20-14:10 Café   Cafe   BW (1102) PBC (2107) 6 14:20-15:10   7 15:20-16:10 BC (2107) BC (2107) …

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Feb 15

What is an ‘A’ Student

Criteria of Students Grades   An     ‘A’ student – Never misses a class and is never late, always has their textbook – Speaks only English in class – Always does their homework and does well on tests – Never uses their smart phone, checks their smart phone, texts, etc. – Does not need …

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