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May 09

Podcast Assignment

English Podcast

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May 08

Podcast Rubric

You can find the grading rubric for the Podcast assignment Here:   Rubric

Sep 03

Questions Words

Who?  What? Where? When? Why? How?  Asking for information:   ·         To ask for information, begin with a question word.  The rest of the sentence has the same structure as a yes/no question:  Who is your friend?  Whom does he love? ·         When asking for additional information about a noun, place the noun after the …

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Aug 29

Basic Conversation Spring 2019 Rough Plan

Wk. Unit  / Topic Homework (grammar in back of text) Convo Strat Culture 1 Class introductions,       2 find someone who, speed dating Unit 1     3 1 – Where are you from? Unit 2 Hello & goodbye Name culture 4 2 – What do you do? Unit 3 Follow-up questions Student …

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Jun 01

My Schedule, Spring 2019

Prof. Campigotto’s schedule for Spring 2019 Time Monday Thurs Fri 1 9:20-10:10     BC Majors 4111 2 10:20-11:10 3 11:20-12:10   IW (Majors) 4111   4 12:20-13:10   Cafe 5 13:20-14:10 Café   Cafe PBC 2103 PBC 2104 6 14:20-15:10 7 15:20-16:10 BC 2104     8 16:20-17:10   9 17:20-18:10       …

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Apr 13

Basic Conversation Midterm Review

Your midterm exam is next week, it’s a written test, the final exam is a recorded speaking assignment. The midterm covers units 1-4 Wh ?s (p.4) Time expressions (p.12) Demonstratives (p, 17) Comparisons (p. 20) Simple present (p. 10, 23)

Aug 27

How to Write an E-mail Activity

Here  is a good activity that shows how to write a proper e-mail

Aug 31

Basic Conversation Syllabus

Basic English Conversation  (Spring Semester 2019)   I.   Professor Information                                                                                                                                         Office Hours Professor: Kevin Campigotto Office: Da-san-goan 512 Office phone:  033-730-0237 E-mail:                                             Other times by request Website:         Course Description This course is designed to improve your speaking skills and familiarity with conversational English you may need in …

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Aug 15


Welcome to the companion site for Professor Campigotto’s classes. Syllabuses and other documents will be uploaded shortly.