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Sep 03

Questions Words

Who?  What? Where? When? Why? How?  Asking for information:   ·         To ask for information, begin with a question word.  The rest of the sentence has the same structure as a yes/no question:  Who is your friend?  Whom does he love? ·         When asking for additional information about a noun, place the noun after the …

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Jun 01

My Schedule, Spring 2019

Prof. Campigotto’s schedule for Spring 2019 Time Monday Thurs Fri 1 9:20-10:10     BC Majors 4111 2 10:20-11:10 3 11:20-12:10   IW (Majors) 4111   4 12:20-13:10   Cafe 5 13:20-14:10 Café   Cafe PBC 2103 PBC 2104 6 14:20-15:10 7 15:20-16:10 BC 2104     8 16:20-17:10   9 17:20-18:10       …

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Aug 27

How to Write an E-mail Activity

Here  is a good activity that shows how to write a proper e-mail

Aug 17

Advanced Conversation Syllabus

Advanced English Conversation (Fall 2017)   I.   Professor Information                                                                                                                                         Office Hours Professor: Kevin Campigotto Office: Da-san-goan 512 Office phone:  033-730-0237                                                 Other times by request E-mail: Website: Course Description This course is designed to give students to use English in conversational environments. Rather than focus on daily usage the lessons are designed to …

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May 01

Widgets Product Survey

Here is the Survey  

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Dec 08

Infomercial Information

Infomercial 1)    Infomercial introduction (team name, members names, product name, show name, etc.) 2)    Show some problem & the consequence of not having your product (be creative, funny, exaggerate, go to extremes,) 3)    Show how the product solves the problem & the outcome (be creative, funny, exaggerate, go to extremes,) 4)    Sell the product (features, …

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Dec 02

Infomercial Examples

These are funny examples of infomercials. They are supposed to be funny because they are bad. Milk Master 2000 Kitten Mittens Infomercials

Nov 29

Widgets Presentation For Stage 4

Here are some guidelines for your presentation this week. Please be sure to re-read the section about the presentation in the textbook in case I miss anything. Presentations will be done by the whole team at the front of the class. Every member should speak. Members should not read their presentation. You will be graded …

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Aug 15


Welcome to the companion site for Professor Campigotto’s classes. Syllabuses and other documents will be uploaded shortly.