Nov 28

Advanced Writing Final Exam Advice

  • Use of 1st person

I will tell you three ways to get an A+.
There are three ways to get an A+.
I will introduce the causes of sleepiness.
There are two common causes of sleepiness.

I think health is important to prevent cancer.
Health is important to prevent cancer.
Doctors say health is important to prevent cancer..
People believe health is important to prevent cancer.


  • Connecting information

– Look at examples in the textbook
– Remember your goal is to go from a general hook to a
specific thesis.
– Many of your outlines make me worry you’re going to
skip or minimize connecting information.


  • Drafts, spelling, grammar

– Write at least 1 draft before submitting the essay.

– If you’re going to edit it yourself, try to wait a day or two
– Ex. Monday –> write the draft, Wednesday –> edit the draft.


  • Try to vary your sentences

– When you go back and edit your writing. Look for places
to combine sentences.


  • Analysis (connecting back to thesis)

– In your body paragraphs you should be trying to convince
the reader.
– When you give some evidence or an example, make sure
its clear to the reader WHY this proves your thesis.

Eg. Exercising will prevent cancer.


Skiing can be good for your health. There are many good outdoor activities you can do to become healthy. If you are
healthy your risk of getting cancer is lower.


  • Examples

– Use examples in your body paragraphs. Again, make sure it
is clear why the example proves what you say it proves. Try to be specific

There are a lot of ways you can lose weight.
Aerobics, running, and swimming are just a few of the ways
you can lose weight. Losing weight will make you healthier
and so you will have a lower risk of contracting cancer.


  • Counterargument & refutation

– You present the other side of the argument (the side you
disagree with) and you explain why that side is wrong. Usually this goes in its own small paragraph. (p. 126)


Some people believe there are no solutions to global warming so we shouldn’t worry. This is not right because……….


  • Sources (works cited page)

– At the end of your essay. Start a new page (Insert page break)

– On the new page write the title ‘Works cited’

– Below, list the websites, books, etc. where you found your information.